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Nikko Toshogu

Toshogu is where Ieyasu Tokugawa (ruling from 1603 to 1605) is enshrined; he was the first shogun of the Edo Shogunate, which flourished between the 17th and 19th centuries. As many as 127,000 craftsmen were involved in constructing the shrine, using the highest level of technology available at the time. The two-story “Yomei-mon Gate”, decorated with brilliant colors and over 500 sculptures, is particularly famous. It is also called “Higurashi-mon (sunset gate)”, because people spend all day long gazing at its beauty.

traveler : Dank

Edo-Style Kimono and Costumes - Nikko Edo Mura (Edo Wonderland) amusement park

You can be real Edo citizen. Select what you want in Edo, samurai, ninja, shinsen-gumi, merchant, oiran, town maiden, etc. Once you put on the costumes and wigs, your heart and soul will travel to Edo. You do not need hesitate, and start up a conversation with the fellow Edo citizens you encounter in the streets! Let’s start your edo life!

traveler : Dank

Yakata Boat Cruise - Nikko Edo Mura (Edo Wonderland) amusement park

The boat cruise will take you on a memorable trip through downtown Edo between Nihonbashi and Ryogokubashi. You can feel Edo era, and you can know how different now and Edo era, when you see real Nihonbashi, and Ryogokubashi at Tokyo.

traveler : Dank

Shuriken Dojo - Nikko Edo Mura (Edo Wonderland) amusement park

You can feel Edo era not only your cloth, but also everything you can see and thouch. When you are into the Nikko Edo Mura(Edo Wonderland), you might be the person who lives in Edo at Edo era. Shuriken Dojo is where you can learn to throw Shuriken, one of Ninja’s weapon. You can be Japanese Ninja and become the Shuriken expert.

traveler : Dank
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