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Famous Nightclub in Roppongi NEW LEX Edo (LEXINGTON QUEEN)

Long-established and very famous nightclub in Roppongi. Many famous personages enjoyed here. If you want to go, pay more attention for your dress.

traveler : Dank

Shio Ramen Hajime

Hajime is a famous shio ramen shop in Tokyo. But I think this ramen is just famous, not delicious. I put pepper on this ramen because it tasted so bland. I feel little bit not good enough, need more flavor.

traveler : Dank

Spicy Savor! char-grilled Mitsumasa

Delicious char-grilled restaurant. Don't miss bell pepper stuffed with meat! Very nice!

traveler : Dank

Delicious Chinese! Chugoku Hanten Roppongi

Chugoku Hanten is affiliated "Fureika", well-known Chinese restaurant, received one star by Michelin Guide 2009 - Tokyo. Chugoku Hanten is delicious but not expensive.

traveler : Dank

Feel Taisho Era in Hiroo - Quien quiera -

This restaurant reuse old house was built in Taisho Era. You can feel little bit old Japan in this restaurant, and taste nice food and drink!

14-8 Shirokane 5 chome, Minato-ku
traveler : Dank

Yummy! Fight Gyoza

Gyoza is originally a Chinese dish, which has become very popular in Japan. Fight Gyoza is one of popular gyoza restaurant in Kanto area. I love to eat this gyoza.

traveler : Dank

[Nice Japanese Izakaya] Chacha Hana

Cha means tea, Hana means Flower. Very excellent space and food, you can feel cool Japanese mordern not only food but also space design, and lighting. If you stay in Shinjuku, you should go there. Do Not forget make a reservation for your dinner. Also You can speak English this restaurant.

traveler : Dank

Yakiniku Gyuzo (Japanese BBQ Restaurant)

Best Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Restaurant in Tokyo. Inexpensive, but tasty! You can taste real Japanese Beef!

traveler : Dank

Izakaya Kakumei (Free Alcohol Izakaya)

Can't get over! Free Alcohol Izakaya! You can drink you want, and no need to think about money! Nothing less than a revolution! That's why this izakaya shop name is Izakaya Kakumei! (Kakumei means Revolution in Japanese!)

traveler : Dank

[Tsukemen] Orion Shokudo

Do you know Tsukemen? similar to ramen but the noodles are served separate from the soup – the noodles are to be dipped into the soup when you eat. Anyway, this ramen shop "Orion Shokudo" is best one, I think. It's worth to go Higashinagasaki, Seibu-Ikebukuro Line, only to have this tsukemen.

traveler : Dank
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