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Everyone coming this nightclub! Nishi-Azabu A-Life

A life has 3 different floors. B1F is for main nightclub event, 1F is easy to fun, 2F is small box. Every weekends, you can fun to dive in great and fantastic night --- this is Discotheque Party alife TOKYO

traveler : Dank

Sumo wrestling in Ryogoku

Sumo is the oldest sport in Japan and was originally practiced as a part of Shinto rituals for agricultural fertility in ancient times. If you look at sumo you'll realize it's more than a sport. Access: Toei Oedo Line or JR Sobu Line

traveler : Dank

Taishakuten in Shibamata

Shibamata is known for Japanese movie "Tora san". The leading character, Tora-san, appeals to many people because of his kindheartedness and carefree way of life. If you go there, you can feel Japanese good old days in Tokyo.

traveler : Dank

Cherry Blossoms in Rikugien

Rikugien is known for the magnificent cherry trees. It is mentioned in ancient myths, and the way its petals fall while still at the height of their beauty was interpreted by the old warrior class as symbolic of resignation and grace in death, qualities which the warriors rated highly. Don't miss the Cherry Blossoms in Rikugien.

traveler : Dank

Tokyo’s Free Observatories

Have you ever look down on Tokyo City from a height of 202 meters? If you come to Tokyo, you should go to Tocho(tokyo metropolitan government building). You can free to look nice Tokyo view! When you ask Japanese, please say "Tocho", because it’s not popular called "Tokyo metropolitan government building".

traveler : Dank

Tokyo Tower

This is the landmark of Tokyo. But tokyo tower is expensive... I recommend Tokyo metropolitan government building. You can free to see Tokyo's nice view. Business hours : 9:00-22:00(Last admission 21:30) Fees : Adult 820 yen *if you want to go Special Observatory (250 m), pay more 600yen.

traveler : Dank

Fireworks @ itabashi, toda

In August, there are so many fireworks festival in Tokyo. I recommend these fireworks festival. First, Itabashi is not urban area in Tokyo, so not crowded people in there.( better than urban area's fireworks festival --- sumida-river's, tokyo bay's, and so on) Second reason is near my house :-) You can walk from both Nishidai and Toda station.

traveler : Dank

[under construction]Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo sky tree is under construction. The tower will be one of the world's tallest. The best view spot will be appear between Oshiage station to Narihirabashi staion.
traveler : Dank
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