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Taste of Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines. It is known for serving Japanese dishes with free rice refill, a promotion[1] called eat-all-you-kanin (Eat all the rice you can) which has been on-going since it started in 1985. Tokyo Tokyo currently operates 56 stores in the Philippines,[2] with much of the chain's expansion being attributed to franchising. Generally Tokyo Tokyo restaurants are located within major shopping centers and malls in the country notably malls which are owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings, Robinson's and the Ayala Corporation.

Manila, Philippines
traveler : Aubrey Tariga

Taste of Tokyo TokyoNearby Hotel

Comment :

  • Oh! This is what you said! Tokyo Tokyo!
  • yes it is!you must visit one of their branches when you go to the philippines..:)

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